Since the recent pandemic, many businesses and facilities have had to close their doors and many jobs have been temporarily or permanently terminated. With work spaces, surfaces and people being the source of spreading, many are wondering when, if ever, our society will return back to normal.  That’s why we at DOC Disinfectant have been working around the clock to create a lasting solution. 


DOC Disinfectant™ is committed to the process of reopening America by using the DOC Disinfectant Sanitizing Service™. With it, we are certain that we can provide each business with the continued ability to ensure they have the cleanest and safest environment for their employees and customers. 


Our DOC Disinfectant™ Authorized Service Providers are highly-skilled professionals each required to pass extensive training and are ready to deploy and begin the process of reopening America—keeping it safe and clean.


If you choose to use DOC Disinfectant™, rest assured that our Authorized Service Providers will perform the task with the highest sense of urgency, professionalism and compassion.


Our Technology 


Our proprietary DOC Disinfectant™ Nano-Barrier is sprayed on all high touch-point surfaces.
DOC Disinfectant™ Nano-Barrier is a non-toxic antimicrobial technology that uses defensive antimicrobial formulas to establish a non-receptive layer on both porous and nonporous surfaces. 

This attracts and physically blocks microbes from growing on objects in a given space, keeping treated areas safe.  This surface protectant coating is guaranteed to last for a minimum of 30 days for high touch-point surfaces and up to 90 days on no-to-low touch-point surfaces.


How it works

1. Antimicrobial formulas are applied creating an invisible, long-lasting barrier on all treated surfaces.

2. The barrier bonds to the surfaces and a durable nano-bed layer of electrically charged spikes are formed.

3. The molecular spikes attract, puncture and kill all harmful microorganisms.

4. Creates a lasting defense barrier for a minimum of 30 days.