The Doc Disinfectant™ Process

DOC Disinfectant™ will help your facility create and maintain a safe and healthy environment by providing elimination and guaranteed 30 day surface protection against microorganisms through our 2-Step Approach to sanitizing your facility:


Step 1: Disinfect

A product on the EPA list for Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 is used on all areas, especially high touch-point surfaces–including bars, countertops, door knobs, tables and chairs, etc.


Step 2: Protect

A non-toxic antimicrobial product is used on all high touch-point surfaces–which utilizes defensive antimicrobial formulas to establish a non-receptive layer on both porous and nonporous surfaces.  This attracts and physically blocks microbes from growing on objects in a given space, keeping treated areas safe.  This surface protectant is guaranteed to last for a minimum of 30 days for high touch-point surfaces and up to 90 days on no-to-low touch-point surfaces.




  • • Antimicrobial formulas are applied creating an invisible, long-lasting barrier on all treated surfaces.

  • • The barrier bonds to the surfaces and a durable nano-bed layer of electrically charged spikes are formed.

  • • The molecular spikes attract, puncture and kill all harmful microorganisms.

  • • Creates a lasting defense barrier for a minimum of 30 days.

Disinfection Operation Complete

After the job is complete, each business can proudly apply the “DOC Disinfectant™ Seal of Approval” by the handle of every entry door to the facility—giving employees and customers peace-of-mind to Enter with Confidence™.


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