About Us

Our Why

DOC Disinfectant™ was established with one goal in mind—help America reopen safely.  Our country, and our world, is facing a challenge unlike anyone has seen before.  And, like many Americans who have wanted to do their part, we at DOC Disinfectant™ began thinking, brainstorming and planning.  Then, we took our ideas and started researching, making phone calls and working countless hours to find a way to do our part—our civil duty—as Americans to help create a lasting solution.  In the midst a crisis—this pandemic—we are reminded of how deep and true the American spirit runs throughout the history of our nation:


“America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.” – President Harry S. Truman


This spirit-of-determination is what allowed us at DOC Disinfectant™ to create and develop a different cleaning and sanitizing service for what will be the New Clean


DOC Disinfectant™ is committed to providing our partners with the cleanest and healthiest environment possible, while keeping the safety of their customers and employees in mind.


We are dedicated to delivering effective and efficient sanitizing solutions to each partner. 


By working together with our partners, we establish a new expectation of clean in their respective environments.



DOC Disinfectant™ is committed to being “Your Partner in the New Clean™.”  Our goal is to aid businesses and facilities in safely reopening and remaining open while giving employees and customers peace-of-mind to “Enter with Confidence™.”  The DOC Disinfectant Sanitizing Service™ helps each partner create and maintain the cleanest, safest and healthiest environment for their employees and customers. 


“We’re committed to helping businesses and restaurants across America reopen with confidence after this pandemic,” said Kenneth Harris, Founder and CEO. “You can confidently assure your customers and workers that your workplace is clean and sanitized with our service.”

Kenneth Harris, Founder & Chief Executive Officer