Your Partner in the NEW Clean™

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Your Partner In The New Clean™

DOC Disinfectant™ was established with one goal in mind—help America reopen safely. Our country, and our world, is facing a challenge unlike anyone has seen before. And, like many Americans who have wanted to do their part, we at DOC Disinfectant™ began thinking, brainstorming and planning. Then, we took our ideas and started researching, making phone calls and working countless hours to find a way to do our part—our civil duty—as Americans to help create a lasting solution.

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Enter With Confidence™

Since the recent pandemic, many businesses and facilities have had to close their doors and many jobs have been temporarily or permanently terminated. With work spaces, surfaces and people being the source of spreading, many are wondering when, if ever, our society will return back to normal. That’s why we at DOC Disinfectant™ have been working around the clock to create a lasting solution.

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The DOC Disinfectant Sanitizing Spray™ Hand Sanitizer

The DOC Disinfectant Sanitizing Spray™ Hand Sanitizer is a World Health Organization (WHO)-Recommended Handrub Formulation antimicrobial solution that contains 80% ethanol to help reduce the number of germs on hands.  Our formula is fast, effective and safe cleansing without the use of water, towels or leftover sticky residue on hands.  Made in USA.

Available June 2020.

The Doc Disinfectant™ Difference

Our proprietary DOC Disinfectant™ Nano-Barrier technology is sprayed on all high touch-point surfaces. DOC Disinfectant™ Nano-Barrier is a non-toxic antimicrobial technology that uses defensive antimicrobial formulas to establish a non-receptive layer on both porous and nonporous surfaces. This attracts and physically blocks microbes from growing on objects in a given space, keeping treated areas safe. This surface protectant coating is guaranteed to last for a minimum of 30 days for high touch-point surfaces and up to 90 days on no-to-low touch-point surfaces.

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